The best project management software for PRINCE2® projects

Prince2 is a structured project methodology that emphasizes dividing projects into manageable and controllable stages. Prince2 is widely used in a number of countries and is used in projects in both the public and private sectors.

Prince2 defines a number of documents that project management should keep updated to ensure good control over the project. Anyone who has tried to maintain these documents using spreadsheets or generic project tools knows that this can quickly become a demanding and relatively difficult task. provides you with tools that streamline and ensure high quality in many aspects of this work. Several of the modules meet the documentation needs in a way that is much easier to maintain. Close integration between the modules in helps the project implement a unified approach to solving challenges and completing tasks that emerge from different aspects of manageing the project. At the same time, this integration ensures that a complete overview of the project is always available and automatically kept up to date.

Prince2 Document
Product Based Planning
Project Breakdown Structure
Uncertainty Register
Issue Register
Daily Log
Work Packages
Stage Plans