is a complete toolkit for staying on top of your projects

Easily break down projects of any scale into manageable work items.
Keep one step ahead of uncertainties to lower risk and leverage opportunities.
Make sure all issues that arise are prioritized correctly.
Keep full track of day-to-day tasks from every aspect of your project.
Manage by stages to stay focused and keep progress in large projects.

Break it down

Break your challenge down into parts that are easy to handle and delegate. lets you adjust and add to the breakdown structure and timeline as you go, keeping a full record of every single change.

Keeping a clear overview over your project as details multiply and complexity increases can be challenging. accumulates status from every sub-item to give you the complete overview in real time.

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Stay on top

The only sure thing about a plan is that it will change. provides an intuitive timeline that makes it easy for you and your team to stay on top as plans change.

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Turn risks into opportunities

Uncertainty is the only certainty there is. provides a dynamic interface for mapping your project's uncertainties, helping you stay one step ahead, reducing risk and profiting from opportunities.

Handle unforeseen issues

Collect, categorize and prioritize any issues that surface during the progress of your project. makes it a breeze to stay focused and incorporate prioritized issues into your project's workflow.

As with every module of, issues are presented with clean and intutive visuals that are specifically designed to help you stay on top of your project.

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Keep track of every task

Every part of your project breaks down into single tasks that are handled by your team or teams. gives you an intuitive and dynamic task board which gives every team member a personalized overview of their tasks, while letting managers see the updated status for every part of the project at any time.

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Manage in Stages

As you progress through your project, you gradually learn more about challenges, solutions and the project's environment. Stage management helps you focus detail plans on the short-term, giving your project team and stakeholders a clear picture of what's going on, while facilitating continous learning and improvement throughout the project.