Choose the right project management software for your project

There are a number of project management software and online tools to choose from, and it can be challenging to choose best tool. Several websites offer rankings, but each list rank the contenders differently. Which solutiuon should you choose?

The most important thing to keep in mind is what tools you need in your project. Different solutions offer different modules and are built to support different ways of working. Some focus on daily tasks, others are good at waterfall planning, some offer easy file sharing, while others are designed to support specific work methods such as SCRUM. is built to make the working day easier for those who work with:

  • Complex projects that consist of a large number of deliverables / products / tasks
  • Product-based project planning
  • Projects that require of good uncertainty management
  • Projects planned in stages and / or work packages
  • Projects with long-term plans that need to be adjusted along the way
  • Project teams in need of updated overview and insight into their project

If your projects or tasks fit into one or more of the categories above, we think you will gain a lot from using will make it easier for you to keep track, prioritize, keep plans and reports up to date, and gather the project team towards common goals.